Workplace Investigations


It sometimes happens, in enterprises of all sizes, that a prudent employer will require a reliable impartial outside investigation of a workplace incident or other conduct. I provide an ethical workplace investigation service throughout Atlantic Canada.

It is imperative that these investigations be impartial, fair, thorough and properly documented. And they must be conducted quickly and confidentially, with minimum disruption to operations.

Proper investigation involves the investigator meeting privately with the parties involved, determining the objective facts and making recommendations to the employer. Investigation reports are legal documents and they must be prepared carefully.

I give high priority to these cases so they can be handled as quickly as possible and at minimal cost.

Smaller employers should not think that this is something that applies only to large enterprises or governments  or that they can handle it internally. The size of your operation is not a factor in a Human Rights case and, because larger employers have protected themselves, for example, with Harassment Policies and formal complaint procedures, the Human Rights Commission or Labour Standards often focus attention on small businesses. The bottom line is that failure to get an impartial outside investigation can be very expensive for the employer.

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