HR Services

I provide businesses,  government agencies, municipalities and non-profit organizations with professional HR decision-support services, on an ‘as-needed basis’.
For larger enterprises, I offer specialized HR services such as strategic labour-relations planning, external reviews, collective bargaining services, employee relations advice, and the like. I may also be available for short-term contracts in senior management and HR positions during transition periods.

More particularly, my  HR services and in-service training opportunities include:

  • Employee Policy and Procedures Manuals and Updates.
  • Recruitment Planning and Implementation
  • Job Evaluations.
  • External Reviews.
  • Severance Options.
  • Progressive Discipline Policies and Procedures.
  • Individual Performance Reviews
  • Duty to Accommodate Policies.
  • Return to Work Accommodations.
  • Performance Evaluation Systems.
  • Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Strategies.
  • Union Certification Process.
  • Employee Benefits and Total Rewards Evaluations.
  • Employee Engagement and Retention Programs.
  • Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures.
  • Workplace Investigations and Reports.
  • Impartial Workplace Mediation and/or Arbitration.