I was a practising employment and labour relations lawyer from 1988 until June 2018 when I retired from the Nova Scotia Bar (LL.B. Dalhousie, 1987; J.D.  Dalhousie 2011). I continue to hold and maintain the designation of  Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

From 1988 until 2007 I served my clients through an established Annapolis Valley law firm where I was the senior litigation partner (and for a time Managing Partner). I served as Legal Counsel in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition and subsequently, I was appointed Legal Counsel and Chief Negotiator for a major heathcare union.  I later operated a private human resources and labour-employment law practice, based in Kentville, Nova Scotia, from 2011 until until the fall of 2017 when I was appointed as Legal Counsel and Manager of Policy and Planning for a regional public-sector environmental services body.  I served as its Acting General Manager for a time. In the past, I represented both employees and employers in Human Rights cases of all kinds, under both the Provincial and Federal  human rights legislation.

My clients have included large corporations, financial institutions and banks, and government entities at both the provincial and municipal level. But mostly, over the years, my clients have been small and medium-sized businesses, farmers and entrepreneurs.

Most leaders would agree that smaller organizations that do not employ in-house HR professionals can benefit greatly from professional HR advice on an  ‘as needed’  basis. Good HR practices are proven to bring greater efficiencies and a more engaged and productive workforce while at the same time reducing the employer’s exposure to often very substantial unexpected costs. I can provide cost-effective HR solutions that allow business owners and non-profits to concentrate on what they do best: growing their businesses, improving their operations and serving their clientele.

I also provide private workplace incident investigations and dispute resolution services that can save your organization money.

I served a five-year term as Chair of the Nova Scotia Election Commission from 2009 to 2014. While I was appointed by Cabinet, like a judge I could only be removed by a resolution of the House of Assembly. During my term, I met monthly with senior representatives of the three political parties that had seats in the House of Assembly to grapple with many contentious issues including the registration and financing of political parties, merit-based appointments of local election officials, election finance rules and proposals to expand the way people vote during elections. These were complex and often difficult discussions.

I have also been retained by municipal governments over the years to handle sensitive and difficult matters involving disputes between and among municipal councillors. I one situation I was asked to inquire into and report to Council on an allegation of violation of the Code of Conduct made by one councillor against another. I was retained by a different municipality to meet with Council informally to resolve a factional dispute between two groups of councillors that was preventing Council from functioning as it should.

I bring these same advanced mediation and problem-solving skills to bear in the HR context, whether in a unionized or a non-union workplace, and no matter what the size of the operation is.