Barrister. Mediator. Arbitrator

Mike Coyle, Human Resources Consultant

I am a recently-retired labour and employment lawyer with over 30 years’ experience  and I am a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) based in Nova Scotia. I can provide ‘as-needed’ HR decision-support services to employers of all sizes in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

I am currently serving as a  Board member of a major Canadian Health Charity and as a Board member of its nation-wide social enterprise in the environmental sector. I serve on the People and Compensation committees of both Boards. I have extensive additional experience in  board governance and strategic planning gained over the past 40 years in organizations of all shapes and sizes. I am a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors

Workplace Investigations 

I do timely, impartial and confidential workplace incident investigations of allegations of harassment, human rights violations, violence in the workplace and occupational health and safety incidents.

HR Services for Small Business and Non-profits

As an HR professional, I work with employers on people-related things like job evaluations and job descriptions and workforce planning, disciplinary matters, hiring, succession planning, key position hiring and severance arrangements. I am experienced in collective bargaining (including first-contract bargaining) and in collective agreement administration. I can answer questions about unions in the workplace, employment standards and best practices in HR, Diversity & Inclusion policies and practices, total rewards (pay and benefits), workforce engagement, workplace harassment and discrimination, occupational health and safety and workers’ compensation matters. There is more detail about my services available under the HR Services tab.

Mediations, Arbitrations

I am available as a neutral mediator and arbitrator anywhere in Nova Scotia. I also have experience in helping organizations resolve internal disputes. There is more information about that under the Private Dispute Resolution tab.

Employee Policy Manuals

I can provide your organization with an Employee Policy and Procedures Manual that is tailor-made for your operation and that will save you many headaches (and money) as your business grows. Or I can review your old policy manual and bring it up to date in keeping with the current best practices in Human Resources.

Board Governance and Board Training

As mentioned, I have several decades of experience with Board governance both nationally and throughout Nova Scotia. I provide board policy reviews, workshops on board functions and the board’s oversight of strategic planning. I also provide practical in-service training sessions to suit your organization’s needs on things like Respectful Workplace Policies, Attendance Management and the Duty to Accommodate, Employee Performance Management, Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace and Insurance and Risk Management for non-profits.

Specialized Knowledge

I have a good deal of experience in Human Resources matters in the healthcare, environmental services, agricultural, municipal government, non-profit and small business sectors.

You can read more about my background under the Profile tab. 

Please feel free to send me a confidential inquiry  at michael@michaelcoyle.ca.    I am usually able to respond, at least initially, to confidential inquiries within 24 hours. Of course, your privacy is assured.

Best regards,

Michael Coyle JD, CPHR