Fee Schedule for Mediations and Arbitrations

Fees and Expenses

Arbitrations and Mediations

Fixed rate for a scheduled day or part thereof: $900. There is a small additional charge if the parties schedule more than one matter for hearing or mediation during a single booking.

Standard time charge for all other services for an arbitration or mediation, including preparing a written arbitration decision and pre-hearing conferences: $150 per hour.

A flat fee of $500 is charged for travel time  for mediations or arbitrations in Atlantic Canada outside of Kings County, Nova Scotia that last more than one day.

Additional expenses:

  • mileage @ $.55 per kilometer
  • travel costs for accommodation, parking, tolls, meals, etc.
  • airfare as required
  • rental cost of hearing rooms and any associated expenses
  • document printing and photocopies
  • HST on fees and expenses as applicable

The total is normally split equally between the parties, unless the parties otherwise agree in advance on a different split or unless the award provides for a different split of the costs.

Cancellation Fees for Arbitrations and Mediations

I charge a flat fee of $500 per scheduled day plus any expenses actually incurred, for hearing cancellations at any time up to the day of the hearing. Hearings cancelled on the date of the hearing are billed for the full day.


All fees and expenses in this Schedule are subject to HST, as  applicable.